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Re: [patch] tuning gcc for Intel Core2

Vladimir Makarov <> writes:

> 2006-11-13  Vladimir Makarov  <>
> 	* doc/invoke.texi (core2): Add item.
> 	* config/i386/i386.h (TARGET_CORE2, TARGET_CPU_DEFAULT_core2): New
> 	macros.
> 	(TARGET_CPU_CPP_BUILTINS): Add code for core2.
> 	(TARGET_CPU_DEFAULT_generic): Change value.
> 	(processor_type): Add new constant PROCESSOR_CORE2.
> 	* config/i386/ (cpu): Add core2.
> 	* config/i386/i386.c (core2_cost): New initialized variable.
> 	(m_CORE2): New macro.
> 	(x86_movx, x86_unroll_strlen, x86_cmove, x86_deep_branch,
> 	x86_use_sahf, x86_partial_reg_stall, x86_partial_flag_reg_stall,
> 	x86_use_simode_fiop, x86_single_stringop, x86_himode_math,
> 	x86_promote_hi_regs, x86_sub_esp_4, x86_sub_esp_8, x86_add_esp_4,
> 	x86_add_esp_8, x86_integer_DFmode_moves,
> 	x86_partial_reg_dependency, x86_accumulate_outgoing_args,
> 	x86_prologue_using_move, x86_epilogue_using_move,
> 	x86_arch_always_fancy_math_387, x86_sse_partial_reg_dependency,
> 	x86_sse_load0_by_pxor, x86_rep_movl_optimal,
> 	x86_ext_80387_constants, x86_four_jump_limit, x86_schedule,
> 	x86_pad_returns): Add m_CORE2.
> 	(override_options): Add entries for Core2.
> 	(ix86_issue_rate): Add case for Core2.

This is OK.

I haven't seen any obvious conclusions in the following thread (other
than the fact that gcc/glibc block memory moves suck, which I already
know).  But, in case I missed something, I'll preapprove any minor
changes to the costs, or adding or removing m_CORE2 in the processor
feature bitmasks.



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