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Re: Backporting IA64 HP-UX patches to 4.2 and 4.1 branches

Mark Mitchell wrote:
> But hasn't it been this way forever?  Has something changes that makes
> this more pressing?  Also, are these the only symbols we use from
> libgcc?  Can the user link with gcc instead of the HP compiler?

Yes, it has been this way forever.  I think we just got some new users
for some of the libraries.  The integer division routines are not the
only symbols we use from libgcc but they are the most common ones and
the only ones I have ever gotten queries/complaints about.  Most of the
other routines involve 128 bit ints or 128 bit floats which aren't used
very much.  Linking with GCC would address the problem, its just that
these users are folks who aren't using the GCC compiler in general.
They have the HP compiler and they want to use it with some opensource
libraries that happened to be built with GCC.

If you don't think this is appropriate for 4.1, what about backporting
it to 4.2 and leaving 4.1 alone?

Steve Ellcey

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