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Re: IPA merge part 1: localize SSA variables

Jan Hubicka wrote on 11/15/06 16:40:

Maybe ;) but I am getting somewhat irritated by my own cgraph_ and
especially cgraph_varpool prefixes. Especially the second IMO just makes
code less readable by making it longer.  My plan is to rename
craph_varpool into varpool as variables are not cgraph after all and I
am not sure what I was thinking about when I introduced it at first
Also I hope to have more clear split in between IPA infrastructure (ipa_
stuff), pass management and the cgraph datastructure itself that is all
somewhat intermixed right now in complettely misnamed cgraphunit.c...

Well, but this is different, I think. For the cgraph functions you have a single name space, but with the ILs we have several name spaces that need to use the same terminology. We are also bound by a troglodytic implementation language, so there's little we can do.

You should've been thinking about it when inventing the name. nRTL (new
RTL) would be two characters shorter. ;-)
In my defense, I didn't invent the name :)

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