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Re: Backporting IA64 HP-UX patches to 4.2 and 4.1 branches

Mark Mitchell wrote:

> I think the second is OK, but I'd prefer not to have the first (the
> millicode stuff).  That seems to have relatively small benefits, but
> seems not without risk.  If you feel strongly, let me know.

I feel strongly.  This issue is coming from the HP-UX Porting and
Archive website where various opensource tools and libraries are built
for HP-UX users to use.  These are currently built with GCC, so if a
user grabs one of these libraries (and that library includes an integer
division) and then tries to link it in to his application using the HP
compiler, he gets an uresolved reference to __divsi3 or __divdi3.  The
workaround of course is to link in libgcc but the user then needs to get
GCC to get libgcc and this seems to have become an issue with some
users.  The other option would be to compile the libraries with the HP
compiler instead of GCC but that means less use of GCC on HP-UX and I'd
like to encourage the use of GCC instead of discourage it.

If the integer division change doesn't get out until people start
compiling libraries with GCC 4.3, that is a pretty long delay.

Steve Ellcey

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