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Re: Patch for stricter implicit conversions between vectors

On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 12:14 +0000, Mark Shinwell wrote:
> - Adds a new flag -flax-vector-conversions to suppress the extra checking
>    in the first two points above.

I really really don't want a flag that allows people to create non
portable code.  Also this is just a real regression of accepting invalid
code, why don't we have a flag for the other cases where we now reject
the code?
The other reason I don't want the flag is I don't want us to maintain it
forever because the flag in this case is useless unless someone does not
read the language extension specifications for their processor.  Also
giving the user the name of the flag when an implicit conversion would
happens will just the problem worse as users don't like to fix their
invalid code to be valid.

This is only a regression from 3.4.0 which means nobody really caught it
before or if they did not report it to the FSF, instead they just
modified their own version of GCC.

Andrew Pinski

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