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Re: Fix type_info comparison for ARM EABI

> How does the following seem as documentation?
> // Determine whether typeinfo names for the same type are merged (in which 
> // case comparison can just compare pointers) or not (in which case 
> // strings must be compared and g++.dg/abi/local1.C will fail), and 
> // whether comparison is to be implemented inline or not.  By default we 
> // use inline pointer comparison if weak symbols are available, and 
> // out-of-line strcmp if not.  Out-of-line pointer comparison is used 
> // where the object files are to be portable to multiple systems, some of 
> // which may not be able to use pointer comparison, but the particular 
> // system for which libstdc++ is being built can use pointer comparison; 
> // in particular for most ARM EABI systems, where the ABI specifies 
> // out-of-line comparison.  Inline strcmp is not currently supported.  The 
> // compiler's target configuration can override the defaults by defining 
> // __GXX_TYPEINFO_EQUALITY_INLINE to 1 or 0 to indicate whether or not 
> // comparison is inline, and __GXX_MERGED_TYPEINFO_NAMES to 1 or 0 to 
> // indicate whether or not pointer comparison can be used.

This is fine with this addition.


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