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Re: RFA: fix bugs in likely_spilled_retval_1 / likely_spilled_retval_p (Was: Re: RFA: Fix rtl-optimization/22258)

Joern RENNECKE writes:
 > Joern Rennecke wrote:
 > >  FAIL: events output
 > >
 > > What does that mean?  How can I start to debug this?
 > >
 > P.S.: I see the very same regression also with a completely disjoint set 
 > of patches.

I have no idea.  Paging Keith Seitz...


I did a bootstrap of the patch in i686-pc-linux-gnu in Revision 118519 using
--with-arch=i686 --disable-gdb --with-mpfr=/pd/mpfr/2.2.0-16/ 
--enable-languages=c,c++,java,objc .

I got one regression for the libjava tests:

VMInitCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2
VMDeathCB jni_env=0x1
ThreadStartCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2
ThreadEndCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2
ClassFileLoadHookCB jni_env=0x1 class_being_redefined=0x2 loader=0x3 
name=4 protection_domain=0x5 class_data_len=6 class_data=0x7 
new_class_data_len=0x8 new_class_data=0x9
ClassLoadCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 klass=0x3
ClassPrepareCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 klass=0x3
VMStartCB jni_env=0x1
ExceptionCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 location=0x4 exception=0x5 
catch_method=0x6 catch_location=0x7
ExceptionCatchCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 location=0x4 
SingleStepCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 location=0x4
FramePopCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 was_pooped_by_exception=1
BreakpointCB  jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 location=0x4
FieldAccessCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 location=0x4 
field_klass=0x5 object=0x6 field=0x7
FieldModificationCB  jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 location=0x4 
field_klass=0x5 object=0x6 field=0x7 signature_type=8 new_value=9
MethodEntryCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3
MethodExitCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 was_popped_by_exception=1 
NativeMethodBindCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 method=0x3 address=0x4 
CompiledMethodLoadCB method=0x1 code_size=0x2 code_addr=0x3 map_length=4 
map=0x5 compile_info=0x6
CompiledMethodUnloadCB method=0x1 code_addr=0x2
DynamicCodeGeneratedCB name=1 address=0x2 length=3
MonitorWaitCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 object=0x3 timeout=4
MonitorWaitedCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 object=0x3 timed_out=1
MonitorContendedEnterCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 object=0x3
MonitorContendedEnteredCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 object=0x3
ObjectFreeCB tag=1
VMObjectAllocCB jni_env=0x1 thread=0x2 object=0x3 object_klass=0x4 size=5
FAIL: events output

What does that mean?  How can I start to debug this?

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