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Re: [4.3][doc patch] document new tree-codes for multipletypes vectorization project, and fortran build problem

Diego Novillo <> wrote on 06/11/2006 15:38:45:

> Dorit Nuzman wrote on 11/04/06 09:13:
> > Index: doc/c-tree.texi
> > ===================================================================
> > --- doc/c-tree.texi   (revision 118409) +++ doc/c-tree.texi   (working
> > copy)
> >
> This looks fine.  You're missing a ChangeLog entry, though.

Thanks, committed, along with the rest of the project.
There is some code still missing from the SSE modelling and the ia64 port,
that should be brought over from autovect-branch. I opened PRs for that so
we won't forget - PR29778 for ia64 (which I didn't bring over cause I can't
test it) and PR29777 for i386 port (most of the modelling was merged and
tested, except for a few bits that need to be debugged). (Volunteers are

> Re. Fortran breakage.  It works for me on x86/x86_64.

After the patch from Richard Gunther ( I was able to
bootstrap also with fortran on i386-redhat-linux (with vectorization
enabled) and on ppc64-yellowdog-linux (without vectorization enabled - see



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