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Re: [patch,fortran] texi patch: fix CHMOD entry, list volatile and internal-file namelist support

Tobias Burnus wrote:
The first small patch adds VOLATILE and the internal-file namelist
support to the supported Fortran 2003 features.

The second corrects the CHMOD entry. I claimed that CHMOD as function
does not work. It does, but subroutine and function don't work in the
same program.

Question to the latter: How to handle intrinsics which are function and
subroutine in one?
One entry? Two entries? How distinguish argument and return value?
My patch puts them in one entry, is this ok?

That's how I've been doing it; see FTELL for an example. In particular, I've been putting a paragraph in the "Description" that says, "This intrinsic is provided in both subroutine and function forms; however,
only one form can be used in any given program unit." I'm not completely fond of the wording, but I think it's probably best to be consistent -- that way, if we come up with a better wording, we can easily change all of them.

Other aspects of that entry that are useful to be consistent with are the "Subroutine, function" entry in "Class", and putting both styles in the "Syntax" section with the subroutine shown first.

- Brooks

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