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[Ada] Misc clean ups

Tested on i686-linux, committed on trunk.

Misc clean ups and obvious change.

2006-10-31  Robert Dewar  <>
	    Thomas Quinot  <>
	    Arnaud Charlet  <>

	* fmap.adb: Put routines in alpha order

	* Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* g-cgi.adb: Minor reformatting

	* Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* get_targ.adb: Put routines in alpha order

	* Minor reformatting

	* Minor reformatting

	* scn.adb: Put routines in alpha order

	* sinput-l.adb: Minor comment fix

	* sinput-p.adb: Minor comment fix

	* Minor reformatting

	* s-memory.adb: Minor reformatting

	* s-htable.adb: Fix typo in comment.

	* s-secsta.adb: Minor comment update.

	* s-soflin.adb: Minor reformatting

	Add comment about odd qualification in Storage_Offset declaration

	* s-strxdr.adb: 
	Remove unnecessary 'in' keywords for formal parameters.

	* treeprs.adt: Minor reformatting

	* urealp.adb: Put routines in alpha order

	*, s-wchcon.adb (Get_WC_Encoding_Method): New version
	taking string.

	* s-asthan-vms-alpha.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* g-trasym-vms-ia64.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* env.c (__gnat_unsetenv): Unsetenv is unavailable on LynxOS, so
	workaround as on other platforms.

	* g-eacodu-vms.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords
	* g-expect-vms.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* gnatdll.adb (Add_Files_From_List): Handle Name_Error and report a
	clear error message if the list-of-files file cannot be opened.

	* g-thread.adb (Unregister_Thread_Id): Add use type Thread_Id so the
	equality operator is always visible.

	* lang.opt: Woverlength-strings: New option.

	* nmake.adt: 
	Update copyright, since and nmake.adb have changed.

	*, osint-b.adb (Time_From_Last_Bind): removed function .
	(Binder_Output_Time_Stamps_Set): removed.
	(Old_Binder_Output_Time_Stamp): idem.
	(New_Binder_Output_Time_Stamp): idem.
	(Recording_Time_From_Last_Bind): idem.
	(Recording_Time_From_Last_Bind): Make constant.

	*, output.adb (Write_Str): Allow LF characters
	(Write_Spaces): New procedure

	* prepcomp.adb (Preproc_Data_Table): Change Increment from 5% to 100%

	* inline.adb: Minor reformatting

	* s-asthan-vms-alpha.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* s-mastop-vms.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* s-osprim-vms.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* s-trafor-default.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* 9drpc.adb: Remove redundant 'in' keywords

	* Minor reformatting

	* s-inmaop-posix.adb: Minor reformatting

	* Remove quotes from Compile_Time_Warning message

	* a-exexda.adb: Minor code reorganization

	* a-filico.adb: Minor reformatting

	* a-finali.adb: Minor reformatting

	* Remove quote from Compile_Time_Warning message

	* Minor reformatting

	* Remove quotes from Compile_Time_Warning message

	* Fix obsolete comment

	* a-ztenau.adb, a-ztenio.adb, a-wtenau.adb, a-tienau.adb,
	a-wtenio.adb (Put): Avoid assuming low bound of string is 1.
	Probably not a bug, but certainly neater and more efficient.

	* a-tienio.adb: Minor reformatting

	* comperr.adb (Compiler_Abort): Call Cancel_Special_Output at start
	Avoid assuming low bound of string is 1.

	* gnatbind.adb: Change Bindusg to package and rename procedure as
	Display, which now ensures that it only outputs usage information once.
	(Scan_Bind_Arg): Avoid assuming low bound of string is 1.

	* g-pehage.adb (Build_Identical_Keysets): Replace use of 1 by

	* g-regpat.adb (Insert_Operator): Add pragma Warnings (Off) to kill
	(Match): Add pragma Assert to ensure that Matches'First is zero

	* (Match): Document that Matches lower bound must be zero

	* makeutl.adb (Is_External_Assignment): Add pragma Assert's to check
	documented preconditions (also kills warnings about bad indexes).

	* mdll.adb (Build_Dynamic_Library): Avoid assumption that Afiles'First
	is 1.
	(Build_Import_Library): Ditto;

	* mdll-utl.adb: (Gnatbind): Avoid assumption that Alis'First = 1

	* rtsfind.adb (RTE_Error_Msg): Avoid assuming low bound of string is 1.

	* sem_case.adb (Analyze_Choices): Add pragma Assert to check that
	lower bound of choice table is 1.

	* (Analyze_Choices): Document that lower bound of
	Choice_Table is 1.

	* s-imgdec.adb (Set_Decimal_Digits): Avoid assuming low bound of
	string is 1.

	* uintp.adb (Init_Operand): Document that low bound of Vec is always 1,
	and add appropriate Assert pragma to suppress warnings.

	* atree.h,, atree.adb
	Change Elist24 to Elist25
	Add definitions of Field28 and Node28
	(Traverse_Field): Use new syntactic parent table in sinfo.

	* cstand.adb: Change name Is_Ada_2005 to Is_Ada_2005_Only

	* itypes.adb: Change name Is_Ada_2005 to Is_Ada_2005_Only

	* exp_tss.adb: Put routines in alpha order

	* fe.h: Remove redundant declarations.

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