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[Ada] AI-355

Tested on i686-linux, committed on trunk.

This is Ada 2005 AI-355, see
Ada 2005 defines the possibility of specifying priority specific dispatching
so that FIFO is not the only 'within_priorities' scheme supported.
The method proposed is a general one and will allow any priority
level/band to have a specific scheme defined (e.g. FIFO, Round_Robin, EDF,
etc.). This not only extends the facilities of Ada but also provides
a well defined means of combining different dispatching schemes.
A Round_Robin_Within_Priorities dispatching policy is defined which allows
one or more priority levels to be identified as round robin priorities. A task
whose base priority is set to one of these levels is scheduled in a round
robin manner with a user-definable quantum.

Various misc fixes and improvements in handling of exceptions on freebsd
and VMS.

Finally, the ALI reader does not handle names with wide characters
properly so we add a temporary kludge to at least handle the brackets notation
properly without blowing up, to avoid problems with the Greek pi in
Ada.Numerics, but it is only a temp fix, since we have eventually to
properly deal with all wide character encodings in this context.

2006-10-31  Robert Dewar  <>
	    Jose Ruiz  <>

	*, a-dispat.adb,, a-diroro.adb: New files.

	* ali.adb (Get_Name): Properly handle scanning of wide character names
	encoded with brackets notation.
	(Known_ALI_Lines): Add S lines to this list.
	(Scan_ALI): Acquire S (priority specific dispatching) lines.
	New flag Elaborate_All_Desirable in unit table

	* (Priority_Specific_Dispatching): Add this range of
	identifiers to be used for Priority_Specific_Dispatching table entries.
	(ALIs_Record): Add First_Specific_Dispatching and
	Last_Specific_Dispatching that point to the first and last entries
	respectively in the priority specific dispatching table for this unit.
	(Specific_Dispatching): Add this table for storing each S (priority
	specific dispatching) line encountered in the input ALI file.
	New flag Elaborate_All_Desirable in unit table

	* bcheck.adb: (Check_Configuration_Consistency): Add call to
	(Check_Consistent_Dispatching_Policy): Add this procedure in charge of
	verifying that the use of Priority_Specific_Dispatching,
	Task_Dispatching_Policy, and Locking_Policy is consistent across the

	* bindgen.adb: (Public_Version_Warning): function removed.
	(Set_PSD_Pragma_Table): Add this procedure in charge of getting the
	required information from ALI files in order to initialize the table
	containing the specific dispatching policy.
	(Gen_Adainit_Ada): Generate the variables required for priority specific
	dispatching entries (__gl_priority_specific_dispatching and
	(Gen_Adainit_C): Generate the variables required for priority specific
	dispatching entries (__gl_priority_specific_dispatching and
	(Gen_Output_File): Acquire settings for Priority_Specific_Dispatching
	pragma entries.
	(Gen_Restrictions_String_1, Gen_Restrictions_String_2): Removed.
	(Gen_Restrictions_Ada, Gen_Restrictions_C, Set_Boolean): New procedures.
	(Tab_To): Removed.
	(Gen_Output_File_Ada/_C): Set directly __gl_xxx variables instead of
	a call to gnat_set_globals.
	Generate a string containing settings from
	Priority_Specific_Dispatching pragma entries.
	(Gen_Object_Files_Options): Do not include the runtime libraries when
	pragma No_Run_Time is specified.

	* init.c (__gnat_install_handler, case FreeBSD): Use SA_SIGINFO, for
	consistency with s-intman-posix.adb.
	(__gnat_error_handler, case FreeBSD): Account for the fact that the
	handler is installed with SA_SIGINFO.
	(__gnat_adjust_context_for_raise, FreeBSD case): New function for
	FreeBSD ZCX support, copied from Linux version.
	Add MaRTE-specific definitions for the linux target. Redefine sigaction,
	sigfillset, and sigemptyset so the routines defined by MaRTE.
	(__gl_priority_specific_dispatching): Add this variable that stores the
	string containing priority specific dispatching policies in the
	(__gl_num_specific_dispatching): Add this variable that indicates the
	highest priority for which a priority specific dispatching pragma
	(__gnat_get_specific_dispatching): Add this routine that returns the
	priority specific dispatching policy, as set by a
	Priority_Specific_Dispatching pragma appearing anywhere in the current
	partition. The input argument is the priority number, and the result
	is the upper case first character of the policy name.
	(__gnat_set_globals): Now a dummy function.
	(__gnat_handle_vms_condition): Feed adjust_context_for_raise with
	mechargs instead of sigargs, as the latter can be retrieved from the
	former and sigargs is not what we want on ia64.
	(__gnat_adjust_context_for_raise, alpha-vms): Fetch sigargs from the
	mechargs argument.
	(__gnat_adjust_context_for_raise, ia64-vms): New function.
	(tasking_error): Remove unused symbol.
	(_abort_signal): Move this symbol to the IRIX specific part since this
	is the only target that uses this definition.
	(Check_Abort_Status): Move this symbol to the IRIX specific part since
	this is the only target that uses this definition.
	(Lock_Task): Remove unused symbol.
	(Unlock_Task): Remove unused symbol.

	* lib-writ.adb (Write_ALI): Output new S lines for
	Priority_Specific_Dispatching pragmas.
	Implement new flag BD for elaborate body desirable

	* Document S lines for Priority Specific Dispatching.
	(Specific_Dispatching): Add this table for storing the entries
	corresponding to Priority_Specific_Dispatching pragmas.
	Document new BD flag for elaborate body desirable

	* par-prag.adb (Prag): Add Priority_Specific_Dispatching to the list
	of known pragmas.

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