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[Ada] Unicode support of filenames on Windows.

Manually tested on windows.
Tested on i686-linux, committed on trunk.

This is the last set of changes for Unicode support of filenames on Windows.
where we actually enable the code that was put previousely as long as
mingw version 3.9 or newer is available.

Also a few small misc clean ups.

2006-10-31  Pascal Obry  <>
	    Eric Botcazou  <>
	    Vincent Celier  <>

	* adaint.c (__gnat_get_libraries_from_registry): Call explicitly the
	ASCII version of the registry API. This is needed as the GNAT runtime
	is now UNICODE by default.
	Include version.h.
	(get_gcc_version): Do not hardcode the return value.
	(__gnat_file_time_name): On Windows properly set the default returned
	value to -1 which corresponds to Invalid_Time.
	(__gnat_fopen): New routine. A simple wrapper on all plateforms
	 except on Windows where it does conversion for unicode support.
	(__gnat_freopen): Idem.
	(__gnat_locate_exec_on_path): If environment variable PATH does not
	exist, return a NULL pointer

	* adaint.h: (__gnat_fopen): Declare.
	(__gnat_freopen): Likewise.

	* mingw32.h (_tfreopen): Define this macro here for older MingW
	Activate the unicode support on platforms using a MingW runtime
	version 3.9 or newer.

	* (fopen): Is now an import to the wrapper __gnat_freopen.
	This is needed for proper unicode support on Windows.
	(freopen): Idem.

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