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[Ada] Fix handling of current_task

Tested on i686-linux, committed on trunk.

This patch fixes two problems with the check for an incorrect call
to Current_Task in an entry body.

First, this should result in a warning and exception at run time,
not an illegality error, since it is a bounded error.

Second, the check should include the entry barrier as part of an
entry body. Checking for being within the entry barrier is not
trivial due to rewriting. The easiest solution was to mark the
function resulting from the rewriting with a special flag that
can easily be checked for.

Note: a new reason code had to be added to the list of exception
reason codes in and types.h, and it was noticed that
LAST_REASON_CODE was wrong (one too small), but this bug was
harmless since the last reason code was SE_Restriction_Violation
which was not used and has been removed.

See curr_task.adb in gnat.dg

This patch also fix incorrect generation of an error on calls to the
universal_fixed "*" and "/" operators when they are used in a context that
expects any real type.

See in gnat.dg

Finally, a few minor clean ups/improvements in the generation of some warnings.

2006-10-31  Robert Dewar  <>
	    Bob Duff  <>
	    Ed Schonberg  <>

        * sem_res.adb (Resolve_Unary_Op): Add warning for use of unary minus
	with multiplying operator.
	(Expected_Type_Is_Any_Real): New function to determine from the Parent
	pointer whether the context expects "any real type".
	(Resolve_Arithmetic_Op): Do not give an error on calls to the
	universal_fixed "*" and "/" operators when they are used in a context
	that expects any real type. Also set the type of the node to
	Universal_Real in this case, because downstream processing requires it
	(mainly static expression evaluation).
	Reword some continuation messages
	Add some \\ sequences to continuation messages
	(Resolve_Call): Refine infinite recursion case. The test has been
	sharpened to eliminate some false positives.
	Check for Current_Task usage now includes entry barrier, and is now a
	warning, not an error.
	(Resolve): If the call is ambiguous, indicate whether an interpretation
	is an inherited operation.
	(Check_Aggr): When resolving aggregates, skip associations with a box,
	which are priori correct, and will be replaced by an actual default
	expression in the course of expansion.
	(Resolve_Type_Conversion): Add missing support for conversion from
	a class-wide interface to a tagged type. Minor code cleanup.
	(Valid_Tagged_Converion): Add support for abstact interface type
	(Resolve_Selected_Component): Call Generate_Reference here rather than
	during analysis, and use May_Be_Lvalue to distinguish read/write.
	(Valid_Array_Conversion): New procedure, abstracted from
	Valid_Conversion, to incorporate accessibility checks for arrays of
	anonymous access types.
	(Valid_Conversion): For a conversion to a numeric type occurring in an
	instance or inlined body, no need to check that the operand type is
	numeric, since this has been checked during analysis of the template.
	Remove legacy test for scope name Unchecked_Conversion.

	* Minor reformatting

	* a-except.adb, a-except-2005.adb: Turn off subprogram ordering
	(PE_Current_Task_In_Entry_Body): New exception code
	(SE_Restriction_Violation): Removed, not used

	*  Update comments.

	* types.h, Add definition for Validity_Check
	(PE_Current_Task_In_Entry_Body): New exception code
	(SE_Restriction_Violation): Removed, not used

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