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Re: [Patch,committed] Fix MIPS bootstrap breakage...

Richard Sandiford wrote:
Richard Sandiford <> writes:

David Daney <> writes:

A stray comma seems to have crept into config/mips/linux.h

Removing it allows the bootstrap to progress.

Committed as obvious.

David Daney

2006-10-30 David Daney <>

* config/mips/linux.h (NO_SHARED_SPECS): Correct syntax error.

If you do this, you also need to add a comma to the use in linux64.h. Please do so, as otherwise this is a regression for mips64-linux-gnu.

As said later, there's no real mileage in using commas in linux64.h.
The idea was to have one spec per option, so that later specs can
feed off earlier options if necessary, but that clearly isn't needed
by the current linux64.h specs.  I therefore committed the following
patch after testing on mips64-linux-gnu.

(In case anyone's wondering how much my "tested on ..." claims mean
given David's bootstrap reports: I mean cross-tested.  A native
bootstrap & regression test is really slow on my h/w -- especially
when testing all 3 ABIs -- and I think cross-testing is the common
case for most MIPS users anyway.)

Well my confirmation of the original breakage and testing of my fix which ended up breaking mips64 were all done on a cross-compiler. My native build environment takes more than 24 hours for a single ABI bootstrap, so as far as I am concerned, a cross test is fine.

David Daney.

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