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Re: RFC: patch to add ISO_FORTRAN_ENV intrinsic module


I'll give this my attention as son as I have extricated myself from the mess I got into whilst moving to new machines; progress is such that it should be tomorrow morning. :-)

I now have working trees on both machines - what a pain in the beeehind this has been!
How about leaving it to e.g. 32 and spitting out a warning when one
loads the module and has -fdefault-integer-8 XOR -fdefault-integer-8 set.

I'll go for issuing a warning if -fdefault-integer-8 OR -fdefault-integer-8. After all, even when both flags are specified, chances are slim that the compiler is Standard compliant :)

As for the second part of my RFC, I'd very much like some advice. Paul, would you have a few minutes? Here's my question:

 -- I've used the attr.intrinsic bit for the module symbol to
specifiy that it's an intrinsic module. Except one line in resolve.c
(see diff), it seems to be safe. However, I'd like
   a) to be sure that, for every user module symbol created, the
intrinsic bit is set to 0, so that we check that a non-intrinsic and
an intrinsic module of the same name aren't used
   b) the code USEing non-intrinsic modules (in module.c) to issue an
error if an intrinsic module of the same name was already USEd; ie,
I'd like the following to error out (while, with my patch, it does

module iso_fortran_env
end module iso_fortran_env

program foo
 use, intrinsic :: iso_fortran_env
 use, non_intrinsic :: iso_fortran_env ! This should issue an error
end program foo

Thanks all, FX

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