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Re: [RFC Patch]: Implement remainder() as built-in function [PR fortran/24518]

On Oct 25, 2006, at 4:38 PM, Paul Brook wrote:
It is also possible to have multibs based on options that do not effect code generation. e.g. in the CodeSourcery toolchains we add a uclibc multilib to our linux toolchains

Ah, I get what you mean now, excellent point for people to consider. Thinking about that some more, internally we have -isysroot and we use it to select SDKs, and those SDKs have things like .../usr/include/ stdio.h in them. An older system has:

#define stdout (&__sF[1])

and newer systems have:

#define stdin   __stdinp
#define stdout  __stdoutp
#define stderr  __stderrp
#else /* !__DARWIN_UNIX03 */
#define stdin   (&__sF[0])
#define stdout  (&__sF[1])
#define stderr  (&__sF[2])
#endif /* __DARWIN_UNIX03 */

Whee... so, no multilib, but different. A difference that I could code up, but one that a generic autoconf system would tend to get wrong. I even missed this in thinking about this for my system. If done naively, I think it would break SDK builds for me. :-(

Thanks for explaining...

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