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Giant Texinfo tables (was Re: [RFC Patch]: Implement remainder() ...)

Roger Sayle wrote:
> Hmm.  Perhaps if one of the texi wizards or documentation maintainers
> can recommend how best to break up the single large @table in
> "@section Standard Pattern Names For Generation", we could introduce
> subsections for different classes of patterns.  At the moment named
> patterns appear to be in arbitrary order, with a vague preference
> for related patterns appearing close together.  Perhaps once we have
> subsections, floating point intrinsics (such as sqrt, exp, cos, sin,
> etc...) could be sorted alphabetically, making them easier to find.

I'm neither a texi wizard nor a documentation maintainer, but I think
that the @defxxx ... @end defxxx constructs would probably be appropriate.
We'd have to decide which index they belong in, though (they are currently
in the cindex, which seems wrong to me, but neither function nor variable
index seems optimal).  I'm thinking something like

@deffn {Instruction pattern} fmod@var{m}3 @var{result} @var{dividend} @var{divisor}
Store the remainder of dividing @var{dividend} by @var{divisor} into
@var{result}, rounded toward zero to an integer.

@end deffn

(Note the pleasant side effect of being able to give names to the pattern


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