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Re: Patch: pacth for score backend document and code

Dear Mike Stump,

I just reviewd all my mails in the last 4 months to contact with fsf and 
and want to find which step i am wrong in this procedure.

In Aug 15, I posted out the first patch to the gcc-patches 
<>, you kindly tell 
how to do next<>, 
In Aug 17 I sent out the score patch for the gcc-trunk 
<>, from that time 
I got many helps from David Edelsohn, Mark Mitchell and Richard Sandiford
(you could find many mails in this period), they patient help me check 
the pacth code and let me know how to make the modification, until Sep 30 
<> my last patch 
to patch-list, Richard Sandiford reply as
<>, and in Oct 2, 
Mark Mitchell say OK to 
and in Oct 10, give me the right to access the gcc 

Then I checked the pacth in and begin my hard time in gcc world.

I think what I am wrong was not posted the last patch to patch-list again
(I do not know at first), and change the config* file (add score entry)
use by many people. until 
i know our code is an an incomplete port, so I added the documents 
then they say I could not add Tan as a maintainer(he is another port for 
I had to remove him out..., and I really do not know what I will do next. 
I think what I could do is to post the last score pacth to patch-list 
(sorry, I do not know how to make complete pacth for score change since it 
check in),
and in fact, I just do a little change in backend code and add some the 
for score backend, all these latter pacthes have posted to the patch-list, 

and if you want to check the code, it under the config/score directory, 
I am very appreciate if you can help us enhance our code.

Port and maintain the score backend for gcc is my work in co. wish you 
could understand me.
And I am very sorry to make so many troubles because of I do not know 
the rules in the patch-list at first.

Best Regards

attach the last score patch I posted in Sep 30. current backend code 
under gcc-trunk config/score directory.

Attachment: score-20060930-1.patch
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