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Re: r117771 - in /trunk: ChangeLog config.sub gcc/c...

Dear Ian Lance Taylor,

I just know even as a maintainer, I still need post 
gcc-patchs to the mail list.

But it a puzzle, after post the patch,
when I can check the patch in?  Who will tell me I could 
commit my patch?

Best Regards

Ian Lance Taylor <> 写于 2006-10-19 00:57:12:

> writes:
> > OK, I will post my patch to gcc-patches until you confirm my 
> > Wrire access policies.
> As others have noted, the correct procedure is to always post all
> patches to gcc-patches.  If you are the maintainer for a target, you
> do not need further approval for changes to code in config/TARGET.
> But you still need to post the patch, and you still need to make a
> ChangeLog entry.
> > I had sent mail to in Oct 11
> > (also cc to Mark) to comfirm my Wrire access policies, but no 
> I'm not sure where you got the e-mail address root-owner.  The correct
> e-mail address for administrative questions is
> You do have an account, and you should be able to
> commit changes.
> However, you don't seem to be listed in MAINTAINERS.  You should add
> yourself to MAINTAINERS, with a ChangeLog entry.
> The patch you sent removes an entry from ChangeLog for some reason
> that I don't understand.  That can only be correct if that change
> never happened.
> Ian

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