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Re: r117771 - in /trunk: ChangeLog config.sub gcc/c... writes:

> OK, I will post my patch to gcc-patches until you confirm my 
> Wrire access policies.

As others have noted, the correct procedure is to always post all
patches to gcc-patches.  If you are the maintainer for a target, you
do not need further approval for changes to code in config/TARGET.
But you still need to post the patch, and you still need to make a
ChangeLog entry.

> I had sent mail to in Oct 11
> (also cc to Mark) to comfirm my Wrire access policies, but no response.

I'm not sure where you got the e-mail address root-owner.  The correct
e-mail address for administrative questions is

You do have an account, and you should be able to
commit changes.

However, you don't seem to be listed in MAINTAINERS.  You should add
yourself to MAINTAINERS, with a ChangeLog entry.

The patch you sent removes an entry from ChangeLog for some reason
that I don't understand.  That can only be correct if that change
never happened.


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