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Re: [fortran,patch] fix typos

Tobias Burnus wrote:
Bernhard Fischer wrote:
where significand could also sometimes mean mantissa, i think

I really should check more dictionaries :-( The good old Oxford English Dictionary does not contain "significand" and the Marriam-Webster does neither.

But Oxford's  "A Dictionary of Computing" indeed contains:
"In the context of computing, a more common name for the mantissa is the

Also, for this sort of thing, a Google search on "define:significand" tends to find reasonably good results -- there are a lot of up-to-date dictionaries of computer terms online that it looks through.

-is discontiguous.
+is discontinuous.

I'm reasonably sure that the word intended here was "non-contiguous", not "discontinuous".

I reverted to "discontiguous"; I also incorporated the change to -Wimplicit-interface as suggested by Bernhard Fischer.

Well, I think you were right the first time in considering this to be an error -- I merely objected to the way of fixing it. :)

Google does find a lot of people using "discontiguous", though, so maybe it's a real word. On the other hand, "noncontiguous" is more common, and I think it sounds a lot better.

- Brooks

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