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Re: r117771 - in /trunk: ChangeLog config.sub gcc/c...

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006, wrote:

> Author: liqin
> Date: Mon Oct 16 02:13:06 2006
> New Revision: 117771
> URL:
> Log:
>         * config/score/crti.asm: add pic support.
>         * config/score/crtn.asm: add pic support.
>         * config/score/score.h: remove builtin_define("__pic__").
>         * config/score/score.c: add TARGET_RTX_COST macro.
>         * config/score/ PIC support for call/sibcall pattern.
>         * config/score/mul-div.S: add pic support.
>         * config/score/t-score-elf: update MULTILIB_OPTIONS.
>         * ChangeLog: add shengguo as another score maintainer.
>         * config.sub: add score support in it.
> Modified:
>     trunk/ChangeLog
>     trunk/config.sub
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/crti.asm
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/crtn.asm
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/mul-div.S
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/score.c
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/score.h
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/
>     trunk/gcc/config/score/t-score-elf

This patch does not appear to have been posted to gcc-patches.  Please 
post it there.  I must ask that you familiarise yourself with the 
requirements for maintainers of parts of GCC before committing any further 
patches.  In particular: says

   Everything listed here still applies if you can check in the patch
   without further approval under the GCC write access policies, except
   that ChangeLog entries may be included as part of the patch since
   no-one else will need to apply it to the tree later and diffs
   representing totally new files may be omitted (especially if large)
   since they can be accessed directly from the repository.

Thus, you must post patches to gcc-patches just like everyone else.

You have not made an entry in gcc/ChangeLog.  ChangeLog entries must go in 
the ChangeLog closest to the directory containing the changes.  This means 
that all your changes to gcc/config/score must have entries in 
gcc/ChangeLog.  Please add them at the correct point in that file.

As has already been noted, you must not change config.sub directly, only 
import new upstream versions.  This requirement is stated in 

The entry "ChangeLog: add shengguo as another score maintainer." does not 
make sense.  It is MAINTAINERS that records maintainers, not ChangeLog, 
and your patch did not change MAINTAINERS.  In any case, new maintainers 
must be approved by the SC.  The ChangeLog entry added is

2006-10-16  Tan Shengguo  <>

        * MAINTAINERS: Add Tan Shengguo as score port maintainer.

but I can find no sign of any announcement on the lists of this maintainer 
having been approved by the SC.  (If they have been, the SC should post an 

I will comment here also on your subsequent commit, r117773.  In it you 
modified gcc/  The log entry claimed "* gcc/configure: 
Regenerate.", but you did not check in such a regeneration.  Please post 
the patch to gcc-patches and check in a regeneration and ChangeLog entry.

I previously drew your attention to the port being incomplete, 
<>.  I hope that 
you will attend to this regression in documentedness in due course.

Joseph S. Myers

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