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Re: [fortran, patch] Update *.texi: document ACCESS and CHMOD

Tobias Burnus wrote:
re-diffed to to a tiny change (in this section) by Daniel Franke.

A couple more minor typo comments:

Index: gcc/fortran/intrinsic.texi
+@code{CHMOD} as intrinsic function is not implement in GNU Fortran.

Missing word: "as intrinsic" -> "as an intrinsic" Correction: "implement" -> "implemented"

+@item @var{NAME} @tab Scalar @code{CHARACTER} with the file name.
+Tailing blank are ignored unless the character @code{achar(0)} is
+present, then all characters up to and excluding @code{achar(0)} are
+used as file name.

Correction: "blank" -> "blanks" Missing word: "as file name" -> "as the file name".

Also, in the rest of the "Arguments" parts of intrinsics.texi, variable types like @code{CHARACTER} are not used as nouns, only as adjectives. Thus, this should probably be something like "File name, of type @code{CHARACTER(*)}. Trailing blanks are...." to be consistent. That's probably more something to keep in mind for future patches, though, since Steve's already approved this one.

(My impression is that, since "minor documentation typo fixes" are considered commit-as-obvious for anyone, a version of this patch with the one-word typos fixed wouldn't need re-approval; is that correct?)

- Brooks

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