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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR24398 - broken module files


Here's something I've wanted to ask your for some time, and now is the perfect occasion: do you think it would be good for us to include a "version number" in the module files generated by gfortran, so that when incompatible changes are made to the module file format, this number can be bumped and gfortran can error out and ask the user to regenerate the module file?

Thanks, and sorry if that's a stupid question,

If so, we are both in the same boat because I wondered the same thing, when thinking about the check that the file being read is indeed a module file. :-)

As it happens, I have not yet applied the patch because I am doing house-husband duty and our daughter is unwell. A version number could easily be added. I wonder what should trigger the number changes? Changes to .mod files themselves, which would be my choice, or to the library or the gcc version number? Since I could not see a reasonable scheme, I did nothing.



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