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Re: getting back the quote_ignores_source_dir behavior of -I-

On Mon, 9 Oct 2006 11:12:43 -0700 Mike Stump wrote:
> My take is that the idea to remove the -I- semantic was wrong.  I  
> don't see the value in randomly respelling existing options.  Instead  
> of this patch, I think we should just remove the deprecation of -I-,  

this sounds reasonable, especially since those relying on -I-
rely on the exact -I- semantics -- reimplementation via new options
and pathways opens the door for bugs in the gcc implementation
as well as in user code that must handle gcc variants that straddle
-I- classic vs. -I- spelled the new way

and my take is that the current gcc maintainers don't use the
feature and probably never saw it in use, and so decided to chop it out

the first I became aware of the impending removal was the gcc 4.*
"use -iquote instead" meassage -- a suggestion we know won't work --
and posts to what I thought were gcc relevant lists got no response

-- Glenn Fowler -- AT&T Research, Florham Park NJ --

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