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Re: [PATCH] Fix the one entry mem{{,p}cpy,move,set} optimization aliasing issues (PR middle-end/29272)

On 10/9/06, Eric Botcazou <> wrote:
> The problem is that the tree optimizers often optimize the ref_all types
> out.

That's not accurate.  The optimizer will optimize any useless dereference,
whatever stuff you put on the pointer, since it knows where the pointer
points to.

> Last mail on this was Eric suggesting to put the REF_ALL on
> the inner pointer rather than outer, if that results in alias set
> 0 on the access, that surely could help in some cases to not loose
> that REF_ALL types,

You need to put ref_all on the pointer that makes the problematic memory
access, not on an artificial one created to hide the aliasing violation.

> but I don't see what e.g. prevents the optimization
> to be done when we have
>   p = &q->t;
>   ...
>   p0 = (ref_all) p; /* These two stmts come from __builtin_memcpy folding.
>   p0->s = x;
> and later on some other pass notices that p is &q->t and optimizes
> that into q->t.s = x;

Where's the problem here? You need a latent aliasing violation in the code.

A solution where the alias set affected is annotated one each memory reference looks more and more appealing...


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