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Re: How can I add S+core backend code into GCC package wrote:

> I still have some questions below:
> 1: How can I check our code in, maybe someone need give me a 
> username/passwprd for svn library.

Please follow the instructions here:

You may use my name as the person who approved your request for access.

> 2: How can I update the gcc/configure and gcc/config.gcc file.

The config.gcc file should not require any special steps.  However, the
gcc/configure script should be regenerated with the same version of
autoconf used at present, which is autoconf 2.59.

> 3: If I want check score backend code into 4.1.x branch, what should i do?

In general, we don't put new features (including new ports) on release
branches.  I might make an exception, since your port touches almost
nothing outside of the port directory, but I would want some input from
other developers.  If you want to do this, the first step would
obviously be to do the actual backport, and test it, to make sure it
works.  Even if you can't put it on the 4.1.x branch, you could put it
on a subbranch.

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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