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Re: [PATCH] Introduce abi_word_mode

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:
> "Ulrich Weigand" <> writes:
>> - Define a new abi_word_mode (from the target's UNITS_PER_ABI_WORD)
>>   that is to represent the mode of attibute ((mode (word))).
>> - Do not change unwind-generic.h -- its data structures will now
>>   automatically correspond to the abi_word_mode.
>> - Explicitly use abi_word_mode in except.c when refering to data
>>   structures also manipulated by libgcc_eh code.
>> > I'm willing to look at a patch which fixes those cases only.
>> Just to clarify, is the solution outlined above what you
>> intended, or did I misunderstand?
> That is what I intended (plus also use abi_word_mode in a couple of
> places in optabs.c, of course).  Sorry for being confusing.

Sorry to hammer on about this -- I'm probably just being dense -- but
defining the ABI word mode to be "the mode of attribute ((mode (word)))"
seems inherently cyclic.  attribute ((mode (...))) is just a way of
exposing gcc's internal modes to users.  The documentation of the
attribute doesn't seem to anchor it to externals much:

    You may also specify a mode of @samp{byte} or @samp{__byte__} to
    indicate the mode corresponding to a one-byte integer, @samp{word} or
    @samp{__word__} for the mode of a one-word integer, [...]

If we have two different concepts of "word" in play, this documentation
doesn't really help either.


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