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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR20541 - allocatable components (TR15541)

Hi Paul,

Paul Biggar <> wrote on Fri, 06 Oct 2006:
As an aside, I'm starting to look at this sort of thing for escape
analysis for stack allocation. As is, I'm using alloca. However, I
believe that there is no specfic requirement to dynamically allocate
on the stack using alloca, and that doing so would hinder the use of

I'm afraid I don't understand this patch too well, nor the problem
it's solving, but I'm wondering are you preallocating space on the
stack by increasing the frame size at compile time, or are you
fiddling with the frame pointer at run time, or some other way? If the
former, it seems this has benefits over using alloca.

Paul Thomas' and Erik's patch uses gfortran's memory allocation infrastructure which allocates memory on the heap. There's no requirement in the TR or the Fortran standard at all on how to allocate memory, and it says nothing about -fomit-frame-pointer. For implementation details of gcc's __builtin_alloca, you are probably better off asking on the gcc mailing list.

- Tobi

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