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Correct vect_cmdline_needed for x86 -m64


FAIL: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/gen-vect-11b.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 0 loops 1
FAIL: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/gen-vect-11c.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 0 loops 1

appear on i?86-*-* targets using -m64, but not on x86_64-*-* targets,
because the tests use { target vect_cmdline_needed } and
check_effective_target_vect_cmdline_needed fails to handle those two
cases the same.  This patch fixes this, by handling both targets the
same and checking for lp64.  OK to commit (to mainline and 4.1

2006-10-04  Joseph Myers  <>

	* lib/target-supports.exp
	(check_effective_target_vect_cmdline_needed): Handle i?86-*-* the
	same as x86_64-*-*; check for LP64.

Index: gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp
--- gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp	(revision 117439)
+++ gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp	(working copy)
@@ -1210,7 +1210,8 @@
     } else {
 	set et_vect_cmdline_needed_saved 1
 	if { [istarget ia64-*-*]
-	      || [istarget x86_64-*-*] } {
+	     || (([istarget x86_64-*-*] || [istarget i?86-*-*])
+		 && [check_effective_target_lp64])} {
 	   set et_vect_cmdline_needed_saved 0

Joseph S. Myers

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