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Re: [PATCH] Introduce abi_word_mode


> You don't document your new UNITS_PER_ABI_WORD macro, and the
> term seems a bit woolly.  What exactly do "word" and "abi word"
> mean by your definition?  I think we need something fairly
> clear-cut so that non-s390 maintainers can tell whether they
> should be using word_mode or abi_word_mode.

Yes. I've stepped over the documentation part and I agree that it
won't be easy :(  I've posted the patch to obtain feedback about
the general idea. I'll try to think about something useful to document

Generally the meaning of word_mode doesn't change. word_mode is
the mode of a general purpose register. abi_word_mode should be used
wherever word_mode is externally visible. I know that sounds woolly
again but this results from the fact how word_mode is used in the
middle-end. The current documentation of word_mode says what it is but
unfortunately not what it should be used for and in which context it
is valid to use it. So as a lame excuse I would like to state that the 
woolliness of my abi_word_mode term is somehow coupled to the woolliness 
of the word_mode usage :)



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