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Re: [PATCH]: Fix PR29201 - [4.2 Regression] ICE in create_recovery_block, at haifa-sched.c:3692 at -O3

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
Maxim Kuvyrkov <> writes:

The bug due to lack of handling of table jumps during speculative
scheduling on ia64.  There is assert that fails when a basic block
that doesn't have a fallthrough successor is not immediately followed
by a barrier.  The table jumps have that barrier but a little later.
The fix simply searches for that barrier.

2006-10-01 Maxim Kuvyrkov <>

	PR target/29201
	* haifa-sched.c (get_barrier): New static function.
	(create_recovery_block): Use it.
	(extend_bb): Clear BLOCK_FOR_INSN for note that is out of the block.

All of this code is kind of ugly, but I don't particularly like this solution. I think that you should not change extend_bb nor add

The proposed change for extend_bb () merely does two things:
1. Clear BLOCK_FOR_INSN field of the note that is forced to be outside the block. This is good because this is right.
2. Add a comment. This is good unless the comment is wrong.

get_barrier. In create_recovery_block, just write

  barrier = next_nonnote_insn (BB_END (before_recovery));
  gcc_assert (BARRIER_P (barrier));

It seems like that should fix this relatively cleanly.

The comment before get_barrier () states that the function is used to handle the case of a table jump.

This is how rtl of the table jump looks:

  (set pc (reg))
  (use (label 40))) ;; Last insn in the bb.

(note) ;; Out of any bb. Accidentally generated by extend_bb ().

(label 40) ;; Out of any bb
(addr_vec) ;; Out of any bb.  The insn type is JUMP_INSN.

(barrier) ;; Out of any bb

The fix you've proposed will fail the same way as the present code. We must skip not only notes but also labels and jumps.


-- Maxim

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