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Re: How can I add S+core backend code into GCC package

Dear Richard Sandiford,

Thanks your patient reply, we spent a few days to update our code for 
Score backend.

1. We had updated all the formatting problems and most other problems you 
pointed out.
2. Some code we think it is reasonable for our condition, so we not do any 
3. And some code we are not sure how to make change(how to make it more 
suitable for reading and understanding), we had cut them down.
4. The comments in score.h(some we copy from gcc internal) had made some 
change, but others we think it is more clear to describe the macro than 
ours, so we are not updating these comments.

We had carefully read your reply and updated our code, but we know you 
still could find some problems, so we are looking forward to get your 
reply about our patch. we will continue to update the code until it attain 
the gcc code standard.

Thanks again for your work and wish to get your reply soon!

Best Regards

enclose the Score backend patch for current mainline development trunk of 

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