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Re: [lto] PATCH: DIE readers for struct/union/class types, + other bug fixes

Mark Mitchell wrote:
Sandra Loosemore wrote:
Part of the problem here is that I haven't figured out yet where to stuff the bits when parsing the attributes from the DWARF information. E.g., DECL_MUTABLE_P is specific to the C++ front end.

Some of these things plain don't matter: if the middle-end has no knowledge of it, and it's not referenced by any langhooks, then it's not relevant to code generation. The only impact is on generated debug information from the LTO front-end, and there we may eventually want to just copy the debug information we were given as input, rather than try to regenerate it.

Yup. I noted that dwarf2out.c doesn't, in fact, ever generate the mutable attribute anyway.

Same problem here. At this point, those tags are long gone; what we have is whatever tree structures they're going to expand into, which I haven't figured out yet, so I don't know how to test for them.

OK, I understand. But, if they're long gone, we don't really need the comment here; it's wherever we're not translating them into tree structure that we should handle them, right?

No, there still probably needs to be some processing in the parent class of the decls or BINFO objects or whatever else these things expand into, in order to stuff the information away somewhere in the type object for the class.


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