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Re: [lto] PATCH: DIE readers for struct/union/class types, + other bug fixes

Mark Mitchell wrote:

+       /* FIXME: mess with propagating mutable/volatile/etc attributes
+          back to parent struct type.  */

I'd prefer this to be:

    sorry (...);

Blowing up for things we don't understand is going to make it easier to debug things later. But, it's not a huge deal either way.

Part of the problem here is that I haven't figured out yet where to stuff the bits when parsing the attributes from the DWARF information. E.g., DECL_MUTABLE_P is specific to the C++ front end.

+       /* FIXME: Add support for DW_TAG_access_declaration,
+          DW_TAG_inheritance,  DW_TAG_friend, and DW_TAG_variant_part
+          which can appear as children of a class/struct type.  */

I would add these cases, with a sorry or equivalent; let's not silently accept them.

Same problem here. At this point, those tags are long gone; what we have is whatever tree structures they're going to expand into, which I haven't figured out yet, so I don't know how to test for them.

The other changes you suggested are no problem; I'm cleaning those up now.


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