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Re: Add -iframework

On Sep 29, 2006, at 11:01 AM, Mark Mitchell wrote:
Mike Stump wrote:
This patch adds -iframework so that one can add system frameworks on the command line. The code mirrors the option that it is most similar to (--F). I'd like to include this for 4.2; I believe it is safe enough.

This is not OK for 4.2. It's a new feature.

It fills an important for some gap in functionality of the original - F option. I was hoping that no one would need it, that hope has been dashed. Since it is, presently, a darwin only option, and since you said you'd entertain more latitude with port only code, I thought I'd try. I have a need for this in 4.2, though I can put this into my 4.2 branch.

If I used the port files directly instead of c.opt to support this option, would it make it more palatable for 4.2? -F has a stronger reason to be in c.opt, -iframework does not.

Doesn't this make us silently ignore -iframework on non-Darwin platforms?

Yes, this matches what we do with -F, though, we could make it (and - F) error out.

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