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Re: Patch for PR target/28604 (cse.c change)

> Could you post the before and/after 20050604-1.c.112r.cse1 to identify
> the significant code generation difference that resolves the issue, or
> identify where we begin to get different RTL?  I'm aware of several
> potential issues in cse.c, but none seem to account for the strange
> behaviour you are seeing.  Perhaps having additional elements in the
> hash table is causing us to make unrelated "canonicalization" or
> register equivalence choices.

Hm, well I tried to do this yesterday using the latest sources but the
bug seems to have disappeared.  My original patch was based on code from
9/11 (it did not have your cselib.c patch) and now, with the latest
sources, I do not get a failure with the cut-down test case or with the
original code even without my patch.

Is it possible/likely that your cselib.c change fixed this?  I don't
know if we want to understand what happen or just write it off as fixed
in ToT and get on with life.

Steve Ellcey

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