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Re: [doc patch] Fix PR 20533 - Missing 'used' variable attribute desc ription

> On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Ryan Mansfield wrote:
> > 2006-03-06  Ryan Mansfield  <>
> >
> > 	* doc/extend.texi: Add used variable attribute description.
> This is OK for mainline.  Please remember to reference PR c/20533 in
> the ChangeLog entry.  Thanks.
> Let me know if you need someone to commit this for you.


Sorry, I just noticed your reply while cleaning out my inbox. The PR is
still open so if you could commit it for me, I would appreciate it. Here is
the change to the changelog and a more recent diff.

2006-09-29  Ryan Mansfield  <>
	PR c/20533
	* doc/extend.texi: Add used variable attribute description. 

Index: extend.texi
--- extend.texi (revision 117302)
+++ extend.texi (working copy)
@@ -3175,6 +3175,10 @@
 to be possibly unused.  GCC will not produce a warning for this

+@item used
+This attribute, attached to a variable, means that the variable must be
+emitted even if it appears that the variable is not referenced.
 @item vector_size (@var{bytes})
 This attribute specifies the vector size for the variable, measured in
 bytes.  For example, the declaration:


Ryan Mansfield

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