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Re: PATCH: x86/x86-64: Support Intel SSSE3/MNI intrinsics

On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 06:47 -0700, H. J. Lu wrote:
> SSSE3, aka MNI, is published at
> Here is the updated SSSE3 intrinsic patch.

To me ssse3 looks too close to sse3 to add an option like that.  People
are going to be confused.

> @@ -9516,6 +9516,8 @@ preferred alignment to @option{-mpreferr
>  @itemx -mno-sse2
>  @item -msse3
>  @itemx -mno-sse3
> +@item -mssse3
> +@itemx -mno-ssse3
>  @item -m3dnow
>  @itemx -mno-3dnow
>  @opindex mmmx

Also you need to add to the sentence after the options about SSSE3 (and
> These switches enable or disable the use of instructions in the MMX,
> SSE, SSE2 or 3DNow! extended instruction sets.  These extensions are
> also available as built-in functions: see @ref{X86 Built-in
> Functions},
> for details of the functions enabled and disabled by these switches.

Actually I think this part of the document needs a rewrite now since
there are no too many options together and adding more is going to make
this look silly.

Also you forgot to update "X86 Built-in Functions" Section in the
document which needs some love right now since it is not up to date and
still references old non existent functions.

Andrew Pinski

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