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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR28585: Add Fortran 2003 NEW_LINE intrinsic function

FX Coudert wrote:
I also need to go read the F2003 standard to see
what this intrinsic does because its name suggests that gfortran
can constant-fold the intrinsics away.

I'm a bit worried that not all systems supported by gfortran use \n as newline. E.g., i386-pc-mingw32 uses \n\r.

This is irrelevant. The Fortran 2003 Standard states that "If [the argument] is of the default character type and the character in position 10 of the ASCII collating sequence is representable in the default character set, then the result is ACHAR(10). ... If [the argument] is of the ASCII character type or the ISO 10646 character type, then the result is CHAR(10,KIND(A))."

Thus, the appropriate result is \n, regardless of what the system uses as a newline in files.

Unfortunately, this _does_ mean that in a standard-compliant implementation, the following commands will produce different files on a system that uses \n\r as a newline -- but that's an issue with the standard, not with the implementation:

    WRITE(*,'A') this // NEW_LINE(this) // that
    WRITE(*,'A') this, that

- Brooks

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