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Re: How can I add S+core backend code into GCC package writes:
> Thank you pay attention to our code. I am sorry to let you find so many 
> problems, and we have began to analyse/fix these problems.

Not at all.  The list of correctness problems was quite short considering
how big the patch is.  The size of my reply was probably misleading since
so much of it was formatting stuff.

> and some problems (like peephole etc) I think it not easy for us to
> fix at current time(we are new comer, not very familiar with the gcc
> code), so maybe we will not fix them in this version, you see we must
> keep this version pass all the testsuit at first. so I think the most
> problems will be solve in a few days.
> Now we have began our second step for S+core backend code. At this phase, 
> we will solve those the problems leave at the first stage, include some 
> problems we could not solve you point out.

I can't approve the patch, but FWIW, that seems reasonable to me.
define_peephole isn't dead yet.


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