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Re: [patch ping] change linux-gnu* -> linux* in libtool files

On Monday 25 September 2006 13:29, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Mike Frysinger <> writes:
> > ok to commit to sourceware repo ?
> >
> > upstream libtool changed libtool.m4 a while back to look for 'linux*)'
> > instead of 'linux-gnu*)' ... ive also tweaked the ltconfig accordingly
> Um, why?  The binutils and gdb are owned by and maintained on behalf
> of the FSF.  A few years ago the FSF requested that we go through and
> change linux* to linux-gnu*, in accordance with the their preferred
> name of GNU/Linux.  That's not to say that your patch is automatically
> rejected, but it certainly needs some motivation.

this has nothing to do with ideological "Linux" versus "GNU/Linux" ... we went 
through this before with the fixing of all the configure targets in 

linux-gnu implies glibc and glibc is not the only libc you can use out there 
with linux

what i've posted allows targets such as foo-linux-uclibc be detected as 
supporting shared libraries ... and down the line when dietlibc/etc... are 
more featureful, they get will benefit automatically when they use 
foo-linux-dietlibc names

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