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RE: emulating tls for systems without

> -----Original Message-----
> From: 
> [] On Behalf Of Richard Henderson
> Sent: Thursday, 21 September 2006 1:59 p.m.
> To: Jakub Jelinek
> Cc: Diego Novillo;
> Subject: emulating tls for systems without
> Jakub, I've finished up that WIP patch you sent me this morning.
> For everyone else, we've come up with a scheme to emulate tls 
> with the __gthread_[gs]etspecific routines that 
> thread-enabled systems are supposed to provide in their gcc 
> port. 

> It would be good if some windows or other similarly tls 
> deprived systems could test to see if openmp threadprivate 
> tests work as expected.

I applied your patch and tested using the libgomp testsuite on
I have modified  specs to add -mthread  -lpthread.a  when compiling with
The former will pull in libmingwthrd and so make gthread_active_p()
return true.  The latter provides a pthread
emulation libraray from the pthread-win32 project for the rest of the
-fopenmp interface.

The result with C were very promising;
All compilation tests passed.  All but two (copyin-1.c, lib-1.c)
execution tests passed.

In C++ tescases, I think I ran into the problem Jakub described, with
many link failures of
this sort.

+0x9): undefined reference to `(anonymous

In fortran, i ran into library problem with 
ialias (foo) expansion,  with undefined references to:


That should be relaltively simple to fix.

Thanks for working on this. 


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