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Re: pthread.h INITIALIZER macros on solaris (solaris9 & 10 need fixes)

Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

I had some questions about te "fix" syntax:

1.  What is the effect of multiple select statements?  Is it allowed
    and if so, does the fix apply if *all* selects match or *any*
    match.  I.e. logical AND or OR?

Hmmm. Really should have doc'ed that. All tests must pass. If any select expression is not found, that selection fails and the fix is not applied. If any bypass expression is found, then the fix is bypassed.

2.  Ditto for bypass, is the test skipped if any of them match or must
    all of them match?

None of them may match.

3.  Are multiple test_text entries allowed and does it run each one

They are run separately.

4.  Given the situation at hand, is it possible to look for patterns
    in one file (e.g. sys/types.h) but apply fixes to another file
    (e.g. pthread.h)?

You are most likely going to find that it is easiest to have separate fixes to pthread.h and have the one selected depend upon a shell test. That shell test would grep sys/types.h to detect the version of that file. Somewhere along the line, someone sent me a list of many versions of sys/types.h, but I cannot find it now. I think I had it on my system at a different company. :(

I'm trying to push back an update to the readme now:

    Each test must pass or the fix is not applied.  For example,
    all "select" expressions must be found and not one "bypass"
    selection may be found.

cheers - Bruce

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