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Re: pthread.h INITIALIZER macros on solaris (solaris9 & 10 need fixes)

Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
 > Here's a really simple approach: remove all initialization values
 > after the first element.  They are all zero and omitted elements are
 > zeroed.  :) (Or, even plain ``{}'' as an initializer???)
 > Cheers - Bruce

I don't think that's -Wall clean, it'll complain about the missing

It's -Wall clean with my GCC: $ gcc --version gcc (GCC) 4.1.1

Would you try my testcase using "-c -W -Wall" and "-c -W -Wall -ansi"
and tell me that it says on solaris8?

OK. I give. Why in the world would GCC *NOT* complain about an empty initializer on Linux and yet complain on Solaris? I was not expecting such an inconsistency.

Based on what you showed me, I suspect the results should be
consistent with solaris7, i.e. it'll complain about PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT,
and with -ansi it'll complain on PTHREAD_RWLOCK_INITIALIZER and twice

$ gcc -c -W -Wall -ansi test.c test.c: In function `test_it': test.c:17: warning: missing initializer test.c:17: warning: (near initialization for `pc.__pthread_cond_flags')

I also think it is wrong to warn about unused argc/argv in the main function.
(Yes, I know special exceptions are ugly to code...)
Anyway, glad you found it helpful.

Regards, Bruce

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