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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR19262 more than thirty-nine continuation lines should issue a std-warn

Jerry DeLisle wrote:
:ADDPATCH fortran:

The attach patch modifies scanner.c to keep track of the number of continuation lines in a statement. The F95 standard says the number shall not exceed 39. F2003 changes this to 255. I have set the limit to default to 255. If -pedantic is given, it is set to 39. If the limit is exceeded an error is issued.

I chose an error rather than warn because the standard states "shall not". If others feel strongly that should be a warn, I can easily change.

I don't feel strongly about it, but I do think it should probably be a warning at least when strict standard compliance is not requested; extending the number is a relatively common extension.

Also, -std=f95 ought set the limit to 39, as well. I would suggest using that rather than -pedantic in the test case because at some point (hopefully not a double-digit number of years in the future!) -pedantic will be pedantically enforcing f2003 compliance. :)

- Brooks

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