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Re: How can I add S+core backend code into GCC package

Dear Mark Mitchell,

Mark Mitchell <> wrote 2006-09-21 13:16:02:
> There are some others too.  Perhaps you copied some of this code from 
> the MIPS back end, and forgot to update the comments?  If so, would you 
> please correct the comments?  Please review each one to see whether you 
> should just replace "mips" with "s+core", or whether more extensive 
> changes are required.

Yes, I forgot to fix the comments in the code. Now we have fixed these 

> Has the config.sub patch been approved upstream?  I believe that we're 
> supposed to import that file from upstream -- but it might also be that 
> we can make local changes.  I'm sure one of the build-system maintainers 

> will know.
S+core binutils have sent the change of config.sub to
Does S+core GCC also need do this again?

> In fact, we have a rule that all new substantial contributions come with 

> a maintainer.  So, while you can of course stop at any time, once the 
> port goes in, we would expect you to maintain it going forward.  Is that 

> OK with you?
Yes, I have signed the paper from FSF, and I will maintain these code in 
the future.
Do we have other procedure to let our code int the GCC package?

Best Regards

enclose the S+core backend patch for current mainline development trunk of 

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