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Re: PATCH: Fix middle-end/25505

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006, Josh Conner wrote:
>> 2006-09-14  Josh Conner  <>
>>	PR middle-end/25505
>>	* calls.c (expand_call): Allow reuse of structure return stack
>>	temp.
> I think we've managed to resolve the technical issues, and the testing
> looks clean (including testing the one example code that was potentially
> problematic).  Are there any remaining objections?  Is there a
> middle-end maintainer who will approve this?

Thanks for the impressive testing (including the ada that Ian asked for).
This patch is OK for mainline, and for the active release branches after
a week or so without problems.  Even though the patch has been extensively
tested, I think its always a good idea to let changes stew on mainline for
a while in order to allow the folks who use the PL/1 front-end on VAXen
the opportunity to complain.  In the remote possibility that there is an
issue with Ada on Sparc, we'll often find out before reverting the change
becomes more painful.

Thanks again for your patience.  I'm sure getting Ada working/tested is
good for your soul :-)  You never know, if XCode starts shipping with
Ada, the pentagon might purchase more Macs ;-)


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