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[v3] PATCH: PR 20599 (variadic templates, take two) (4/4)

This patch addresses PR c++/20599 by introducing support for variadic

This is a revised version of the patch posted previously. It addresses several bugs in the original patch and includes changes to libstdc++ that use variadic templates for the implementation of Library TR1 tuples and function objects. In particular, the changes from the first patch are:
- Warn about variadic templates by default; -Wno-variadic-templates turns off this warning.
- Support printing parameter packs in function types (for error messages)
- Support for nested expansion of parameter packs.
- Tighter error checking.

More information about variadic templates is available here: templates.html

This is part 4 of 4. It contains changes to libstdc++'s TR1 implementation to make full use of variadic templates, eliminating all of the preprocessor metaprogramming that we're using now.

Tested on mainline with powerpc-apply-darwin8.7.0 and i686-pc-linux- gnu; no new regressions. All new tests pass.

	Doug Gregor
	Open Systems Lab @ Indiana University

2006-09-19 Douglas Gregor <>

	* include/ Regenerate.
	* include/tr1/mu_iterate.h: Remove.
	* include/tr1/tuple (_Tuple_impl): New.
	(tuple): Make variadic, re-implement as shell over _Tuple_impl.
	(0-element tuple): Basis case.
	(2-element tuple): Handle pair methods.
	(__get_helper): Remove.
	(tuple_element): Reimplement with variadic templates.
	(tuple_size): Ditto.
	(get): Ditto.
	(operator==): Use variadic templates in the signature.
	(operator<): Ditto.
	(operator!=): Ditto.
	(operator>): Ditto.
	(operator<=): Ditto.
	(operator>=): Ditto.
	(__stripped_tuple_type): Remove; we've inlined its behavior.
	(make_tuple): Reimplement with variadic templates.
	(tie): Ditto.
	* include/tr1/tuple_iterate.h: Remove.
	* include/tr1/bind_repeat.h: Remove.
	* include/tr1/ref_wrap_iterate.h: Remove.
	* include/tr1/bind_iterate.h: Remove.
	* include/tr1/functional (_Weak_result_type): Add variadic
	partial specializations.
	(result_of): Ditto.
	(__invoke): Reimplement using variadic templates.
	(reference_wrapper): Reimplement operator() with variadic
	(_Maybe_unary_or_binary_function): New.
	(_Mem_fn): Implement for member function pointers using variadic
	(placeholders): Define 30 placeholders.
	(_Index_tuple): New.
	(_Build_index_tuple): New.
	(_No_tuple_element): New.
	(_Safe_tuple_element_impl): New.
	(_Safe_tuple_element): New.
	(_Mu): Reimplement with variadic templates, use
	_Safe_tuple_element instead of tuple_element.
	(_Bind): Reimplement with variadic templates and tuples.
	(_Bind_result): Ditto.
	(bind): Reimplement with variadic templates.
	(_Function_handler): Ditto.
	(function): Ditto.
	* include/tr1/functional_iterate.h: Remove.
	* include/tr1/repeat.h: Remove.
	* include/ Don't install removed headers.

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