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Re: [lto] PATCH: fill in code to merge declarations

Kenneth Zadeck wrote on 09/15/06 19:52:

> only correctness.  I am new to this and do know really know how
> different all of the dialects interact.  If it will pass thru unchanged,
> then it is certainly ok for now.  However, I have things like basic
> blocks and the cfg, not a single list of statements and exception
> regions already built, so if the gimplifier is going to get stuck on
> these we will need to work on this.
Depending on how you invoke it, the gimplifier will probably not get to
see all the code.  If your code is already split into basic blocks, it
means that you no longer have a single stream of instructions.  You have
discrete chunks of IL associated with the various basic blocks.

So, if you call gimplify_function_tree, DECL_SAVED_TREE will be NULL,
and it will do exactly nothing.  You'd have to traverse the CFG and
gimplify each block.  But if you already have the CFG, then the code in
each BB should already be GIMPLE.  Or are you adding new arbitrary code?

I'm assuming that you mean in-memory CFG.  I don't really know how you
are laying out the CFG on disk.

Gimplifying a GIMPLE instruction is only inefficient.  It should not be

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